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Do I need an account to buy items?

Yes you do. Having a account (versus not having an account,) will provide you with additional features and conveniences. The account will allow you to store multiple Billing and Shipping addresses, and you will only need to enter this information once. (you also will be able to delete these addresses yourself.) The account will also store order history, showing previous orders you have placed with your account , as well as the order status, so you can check to see if your order has been shipped , and (if shipped with track&trace) the track & trace code, so you will easily be able to access tracking numbers for your packages.

Will you give or sell my account information to other companies?

No, we do not! Visit our Privacy Policy for details and additional information.

What can I use as a password for my account?

You can use almost anything for a password. For security reasons, our software requires your password to be at least 5 characters long. Other than that, there are almost no restrictions. You can use letters, numbers, punctuation and so on. You can include whitespace (i.e. multiple "words") if you like. The length of your password is unlimited. However, passwords are case-sensitive, which means "word" and "Word" are not treated the same. We recommend, for better security, that you use a mixture of letters and numbers and use varied capitalization.

What if I forget my account password, or need to change it?

Yes, no one (including our staff) can tell you what your password is. Our software stores passwords using an advanced one-way encryption algorithm (SHA-1 hashing). This means that once your password has been created (or changed), it is stored in a format that can not be decrypted. You can only change it to a new, randomly created password, by following the steps at the password reset page. you will receive an e-mail which will contain instructions for resetting your account password. It is a good idea to immediately change the new password to something you have chosen yourself.

What are those "Incomplete Orders" in my account history?

Those are shopping carts that you have started but not completed. You can view the order and complete the order at any time in the future. Those orders stay with your account so you can, for example, start an order at work and then complete the order from home.

What does the Order Status and/or Product Status mean?

This indicates the current status of your order, or of each item within your order. There are several statuses:

  • New - Your order has been accepted and will be processed soon.
  • Processing - Your order has been transmitted to the packing/shipping department and is prepared be shipped. (Note that your order could remain in this state for several days.)
  • Shipped - Your order has been fully shipped.
  • Canceled - Your order has been canceled. If it was billed, we have issued a proper refund which should appear on your next statement.
What is new on this site?

you can check out the releases on the current week. we have planned to create a page of releases which are sorted by the time of the stock-updates.

Can I link from my site to Triple Vision?

Yes. Feel free to link to our website.
<a href="<?php printScheme() ?>://<?php echo HTTP_HOST ?>/">Triple Vision Record Store</a>

In the future, there will be downloadable graphic buttons for use, if you like.

Does Triple Vision have an (online) affiliate program?

Not at this moment, but you can check this page for changes.

How much is shipping?

It depends on the weight of your products, the shipment-method and to which country it is shipped.
You can determine the cost of shipping your order by creating a shopping cart (add a product).
You will need to select your country and shipment method in order to view the shipping amount.

You do not have to purchase the items in your shopping cart in order to view the shipping amount.

How often do you ship?

We will normally ship your order within 24-36 hours if it is in stock, and it is not Saturday or Sunday. During times of heavy order volume, especially November and December, shipments may take up to 2-5 business days to process and ship.

Do you ship outside the Netherlands?

Yes we do!
you can check the list of countries at your cart, if your country is not listed,
you can contact the webmaster for support.

Can you ship to P.O. Boxes?

No, not at this time and we are not planning to.

Is ordering on your site secure?

Absolutely! We take security very seriously, and we do whatever we can to protect our customers sensitive data. Customer information, order information and Payment information is protected by 128-bit encryption to and from the servers and web browser.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, we do. If you live outside the Netherlands, paypal is your payment method.

What is your cancellation policy?

You have the ability to cancel your own order, as long as it has not been sent to our warehouse for processing and is not payed.
To cancel your order, go to the Order Management page. Any order that has not been sent to the warehouse will have an open checkbox, saying that the order can be canceled. Select the order(s) with the checkbox and submit to cancel.

Once an order is canceled, it can not be recovered.
Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Unfortunately, we do not accept purchase orders.
We only accept pre-payment (including shipping costs) for orders.

If you live in the Netherlands, we can ship through Cash on Delivery (rembours).

What does the Availability status mean?

  • in stock
  • the product is available.

    you can add to cart and do a checkout,
    if you ordered, should ship within the next business day.

    we do not ship products on Saturday or Sunday.
  • mail stock
  • the product is not immediately available.

    you can set a 'back-on-stock' mail,
    which you receive the moment product comes back in (stock).

    its possible the product is in our local-stock, and in stock (online) within minutes.
  • pre order
  • the product is not available yet.

    you can set a 'pre-order' mail,
    which you receive the moment product comes in stock.
  • out of stock
  • the product is probably not available.

    it is in backorder, but probably won't come in.
    you can set a 'back-on-stock' mail,
    (even though, the mail is only send if it comes in stock.)
What are your Customer Service hours of operation?

Our customer service staff is available for e-mail and phone assistance, check our opening hours.

I have a great idea. Will you make use of it?

Of course we will listen. Talk to our Webmaster.

Do you have more stuff?

We have more stuff (records, merchandise and alike), currently only available locally at our store.

Do you offer quantity discounts or logo imprinting?

For certain products we do, but these are all distribution related items.

you can also use our feedback contact form or our contact details for unanswered questions.
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