Goes Noord vs The Rest of the World III

The Outside Agency

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 2nd 2013


A1Manhunt 0The Outside Agency & Fracture 45:24
A2World BreakerThe Outside Agency & Broken Rules5:09
B1MathematicsThe Outside Agency & Dep Affect4:45
B2TroubleThe Outside Agency & Sei2ure5:44

Goes Noord is back! Genosha 21 sees the The Outside Agency collaborate with four different artists from all corners of the world on the third volume of their label's Goes Noord vs the Rest of the World collaboration series. Fracture 4, Broken Rules, Dep Affect and Sei2ure all stepped up to help deliver four awesome tracks ranging from 155 to 160 BPM with ridiculously loud ride cymbals. Highly recommended for fans of super loud ride cymbals and people who are into good music.