Venomous EP

Ben Buitendijk

Record label
Oblique Music
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 18th 2016


A1Black MambaBen Buitendijk7:11
A2King CobraBen Buitendijk6:47
B1StingrayBen Buitendijk8:31
B2Locked Groove #1Ben Buitendijk0:04

Rotterdam based artist ''Ben Buitendijk'' has been around for quite a while now. With a string of releases of labels such as ''Ogun Records'', ''Eshu Records'' and appearances on the mighty ''Field Records'', the time has come for Ben to launch his own imprint. Inspired by the city of Rotterdam and his love for anything architectural, Oblique was founded. A label that is designed to cater to Ben's vision on the overall electronic landscape and to display his love for well thought out drum patterns with dense long-stretched builds and strained atmospheres. ''Venomous EP'' comes in a package of three extended techno cuts with a certain corresponding theme. As the title might suggest, all cuts have a certain touch of hazardousness to them. ''Black Mamba'' is best explained as the experience of poison slowly creeping through one's veins and leaving an irreversible trail of destruction. ''King Cobra'' feels more boisterous than it's predecessor. Again, a long repetitive build keeps on changing into a slightly psychotic state of being while razor-sharp bits of synthesis tickle the listeners brain like when undergoing acupuncture. ''Stingray'' is the final cut of this first ''Oblique'' effort. Whilst maintaining the corresponding ''Venomous'' theme, the last endeavour is a thumping outcry of muscular drums, a ponderous bass shot, and haunting pad sounds that together create a dystopian character. As an extra, Ben has thrown in an ominous locked groove that should be useful in adventurous club settings.