What U Know / Acrania

Proktah feat. Mc Coppa / Dementia & NME Click

Record label
Catalog Number
SHB 006
Release Date
March 16th 2009


A1What U KnowProktah feat. Mc Coppa6:11
B1AcraniaDementia & NME Click6:19

What U Know, by fresh German talent Proktah and the mighty MC Coppa has so much groove within it's bars, that you can pack a whole room with it. This tune does not need anything besides the basic elements, drums, bass, vocals, to get a party going wild! In the past, Proktah already made an impression on .shadybrain releasing his technodriven Punchbag, put out tunes on Basswerk and Flight Recordings and got remixed by the ones like Phace and N.Phect. But hey, no more words, let the music do the talking! Acrania is for all those who remember the good old days when techy Drum and Bass started to take over and boundaries were pushed. This tune brings back the special deepness and funk which it was all about. Dementia and the NME Click prove once again that it is not about being the hardest or fastest, it is all about the vibe.