Nightmare Man / Harder Louder

Current Value & Donny / Dextems & B Soul

Record label
Future Sickness Records
Catalog Number
SICK 006
Release Date
May 25th 2009


A1Nightmare ManCurrent Value & Donny remix SPL5:54
B1Harder Louder Dextems & B Soul5:39

A: The almighty versatile producer SPL takes on the hard-hitting n tearing track 'Nightmare Man' to bring out a techno driven remix. The track doesn't take long to show its qualities, packed with a twisted canvas of gritty beats, sinister vocals, industrial sounds, and ruff synthlines. Another stomping, yet progressive monster of a tune created by the impressive craftsman SPL. AA: Hailing from Russia, the duo have already released for Intransigent, so it's not surprising that they jump onboard the Future sickness camp for a solid release. Opening with lush strings and cheerful stabs, the track soon turns to a darker side, with pounding beats and ragging bass bringing out overall a nice blend of styles.