Breath Of Steel / First Cosmic

Lucio De Rimanez / Gancher & Ruin

Record label
Future Sickness Records
Catalog Number
SICK 007
Release Date
November 9th 2009


A1Breath Of Steel Lucio De Rimanez
B1First CosmicGancher & Ruin

Prepare yourself for two brand new, dark and relentless tracks on the seventh release of Belgium based label Future Sickness. Breath of Steel by Lucio Di Rimanez is a techno influenced, stomping track with snares ready to slay an army of mechanical zombies and a haunting synth melody that sounds like it was recorded in the middle of the factory in which they were build. The first deceiving tones of Gancher's First Cosmic give you only moments to heal. Your hiding place isn't safe for long though and before you know what's going on, an onslaught of screaming stabs, distorted kicks and some very aggressive breakbeats drop hard and keep going until there is nothing left. This is not a record for the faint hearted but it is highly recommended for those who never leave the house without a sawn-off shotgun and a few hand grenades... just in case.