Fortnight EP

Setaoc Mass

Record label
Soma Quality Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 13th 2019



Mancunian maestro Setaoc Mass returns for his second outing on Soma with the Fortnight EP. Drenched in his typical hard hitting, meticulously produced style, Sam's latest Soma 12" has him at the top of his game with 4 top quality tracks + a special bonus track for the digital EP. "Time" opens the EP with a particularly hypnotic sound and a definite driving pace as swelling and pulsing background atmospheres give this a quite aggressive backbone. "Bluebells" is yet another dance floor rocking track that hits the ground running right from the start. Razor sharp poly-rhythmic structures keep the track interesting while intense percussive workouts provide the power. Title track "Fortnight" delves deeper whilst still remaining true to Sam's direct and tough sound; don't let this deeper side fool you, all the hallmarks of a proper banger remain intact! "Chaos" closes out things with a more groove laden and emotive tone as shuffling percussive elements funk things up before subtle synths work their way in giving the track a more melodic feel than the previous. Digital Bonus, "Necessary Evil", is a straight up, no nonsense dance floor workout.