030 003V

Micol Danieli  /  Charlton

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 27th 2015


A1CLC 05Micol Danieli
A2LDV 03Micol Danieli
B126Micol Danieli
B226Micol Danieli  remix  Charlton

030 Recordings proposes the third release on vinyl. A new original work of three tracks signed by producer Micol Danieli which end with a Charlton remix. The style is well marked by the sound of acid Roland synth and drum machine sounds reminiscens of the underground dancefloor of the early nineties. Side A is a kind of introduction to the total concept of the EP, "CLC05" and "LDV03" are two tracks that immediately strike the listener and drags him into scenarios of well defined psychedelic percussion and mystical. dark atmosphere greatly combined with a continuous evolution of the acid synth. In the B-side you can appreciate "26" characterized by the use of synth with has been created with analogue machines for the production of rhythmic based on the construction of a progressive style. The remix of Charlton, one of the pioneers of the Dutch techno scene, adds a more acid bassline, extremely sharp and mesmerizing, creating a truly unique sound.