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Yagya - Stars And Dust

Stars And Dust

  • Artist: Yagya
  • Format: 2x12"
  • Record Label: Delsin 
  • Catalog#: 118DSRLP
  • Style: Techno
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Release date: 5th of December 2016
  • Price*: € 22.99
  • Availability*: Mail stock.

track listing on Stars And Dust
pos track title
Total: 10 tracks
A1 Train Station's Dustlight
A2 Crepuscular Rays Over The Horizon
A3 Motes In The Moonlight
B1 Substorms On A Winter Night
B2 Through The Zodiacal Cloud
C1 Young Suns Of The NGC 7129
C2 The Great Attractor
C3 Through The Sculptor Group
D1 Laniake's Redshift
D2 The Observable Universe
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