Refuse; Start Fires


Record label
Ohm Resistance
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 30th 2010


A1Bear Felt Nowt
B1Take Someone's Eye Out
B2Then Woke
B3Look at That Bill
C1LT 94
C2Boot It
D1Beaked Point
D2Shitwind's A-Coming

Scorn's fourteenth full length release remains in the vibe and tempo of modern dubstep while adding a brand new element to the Scorn sound: a live drummer, Ian 'Yan' Treacy. The vibrant sounds of the kit are run thru the filters and dub wizardry of Mick Harris, former drummer of Napalm Death and Guinness World Record Holder for composer of the world's shortest song. The tracks are a journey into dark atmospheres and atomic warhead bass, with more variation and hue than 2007's 'STEALTH'. Yet on 'Refuse; Start Fires' Harris has returned to painting angry pictures with more colours than simply black - the record takes on new territory at the 70 bpm mark, and the live kit gives the tracks a more fluid groove than ever in places. But this is Scorn, and Scorn delivers darkness and anger like no one else, with merciless cuts such as Bear Felt Nowt and Shitwind's A-Coming providing harsh atmospheres and endurance test bass wobble like only Mick Harris can dish out. Scorn is an entity - for over 15 years Mick Harris has not relented with the project's dubbed out beats, film noir atmospheres, and over the top bass compulsions. 'Refuse; Start Fires' is perhaps the angriest and most well articulated of his projects in the last decade.