Servant (Technical Itch Remix) / The Return (Ohm Resistance VIP)

Submerged  /  Enduser

Record label
Ohm Resistance
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 26th 2006


A1Servant Submerged  remix  Technical Itch
B1The Return (Ohm Resistance VIP)Enduser

this is not an exception in anyway though it comes with a masonic blessing from the man Tech Itch. Submergeds' "Servant" was originally on the 19h release from the stable and when the Ohm kru were talking to the Technical one about a remix he had no doubt that this was his number one choice. There can be no doubting the power of the Itch when you listen to this, roughneck beats through and through, reminiscent of what the guy became famous for, when you hear the quality you'll understand why Goldie is using his studio on a regular basis. Flip it over and you get to see into the mind of Enduser, "The Return" singles out a statement from the big American, a statement as to what he is about...