Summo / Belltine

Nick Bee & Sunchase

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 14th 2012


A1SummoNick Bee5:20
B1BelltineSunchase & Nick Bee5:42

22:22 is the first Ukrainian drum and bass label, releasing music on vinyl and in digital format. The label's debut release is the single, Summo / Belltine, two slices of aggressive and futuristic soundscaping that are impossible to ignore. Belltine - Sunchase & NickBee A deceptively orderly intro sequence gives way to powerful percussion, staccato rhythms and ominous sound design. Thundering drums, thick basslines and cold, otherworldly engineering conjure up images of uninhabited planets and their alien landscapes. Summo - Nickbee On the flip to Belltine is Summo, from Nickbee. Into his own version of chewing, growling neurofunk bass technology Nickbee skillfully interweaves echoes of the East, while the pounding drumtrack showcases a talent for audio well beyond his young age.