Expect EP

Hidden Turn

Record label
31 Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 4th 2015



Fresh 31 Records by Hidden Turn! Godfather Sage USA 8/10 #2 Superb production and original ideas make this EP stand out from the rest. True artistry at work. Ryan Origin USA 10/10 #4 One of my favorite releases of the year. Brilliant. Script 9/10 #3 really interesting music. great vibes on every track. i get sent lots of music that tries to be like this but they fail miserably. deffo going to keep my ears open form more hidden turn on 31 :) Das Kapital 9/10 #3 Always love Hidden Turn's stuff. Subby and expectedly menacing work. Tony Addison Groove 9/10 #1 very nice 1 Reso UK 9/10 #3 love it. So refreshing to hear stuff someone wanted to make rather than a load of old hyped up bollocks. Nothing is awesome. Top work! Chris Muniz 8/10 #4 Hidden Turn pushing the boundaries and digging in deep for a synapse-twisting exploration of beats, atmospheres and bass.. Daniel Boden 8/10 #1 Really like the minimal/dancehall vibes going on throughout the EP. Solid work from Hidden Turn. Never seems to disappoint Klaus Fiehe 7/10 #3 Interesting tracks "Nothing" being the perhaps most organic one. BUT: "Everything" could be called a "Kraut-Reggae" opus + "Something" comes along with kind of Massive Attack groove at second sight....airplay over here will come now - thanks a lot! Klaus Fiehe J Kenzo 8/10 #1 Top Notch Die 10/10 #4 Really good stuff. Different flavours and thats whats needed right now. Lorna Clarkson AUSTRALIA 7/10 #1 Great release! Thanks John B 9/10 #3 brave, interesting, refreshing, deep. Nice :-) A13 USA 10/10 #1 Another quality release from a quality record label! BOOM! Tim Parker UK 9/10 #1 DOPE! Dub Phizik 9/10 #1