Shadow Boxing (Om Unit VIP) / Something Ancient [Black vinyl repress]

Nasty Habits / Thing & Om Unit

Record label
31 Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 13th 2017


A1Shadow Boxing (Om Unit VIP)Nasty Habits remix Om Unit
B1Something AncientThing & Om Unit

Om Unit says of this release 'For me it's another milestone as a DNB fan.. Being allowed to come back to 31 again with another shadow boxing version, being one of only a tiny handful of people being allowed to remix this classic truly is an honour, let alone twice! Also working with Thing on "something ancient" was a real blessing not only because he's original and convincing with his own work but also I think he's like me, he does his own thing without adhering to too many of the insular rules that have made dnb such a closed room over the years, and so creating this cinematic piece just happened naturally and I really love the results. Official Video: