Jazz Junk Safari

Brendon Moeller

Record label
Third Ear Recordings
Catalog Number
3ECD 104
Release Date
June 12th 2009


01Track 1

This release contains 2 discs. Disc 1 is a live mix by Brendon Moeller of all the tracks from his three Third Ear Recordings eps; Jazz Space (3EEP-068), One Mans Junk (3EEP-088) and Safari (3EEP-101), compiled onto one disc. The mix includes a previously unreleased new version of Saviour, and an unreleased remix of Guillaminos Kalimbeats from his Atzavara album on Third Ear Recordings (3ECD-064). Disc 2 has all the tracks from the three eps compiled onto one disc. Six of the tracks are new edits of the original tracks and have not been released before.