Semen Contra EP

Gesetz Der Oktaven

Record label
Third Ear Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 25th 2016


A2Semen Contra

"It's very direct, danceable club music, anchored stylistically between Electro, Techno and Industrial/NewWave, strongly influenced by '80s acts Liaisons Dangereuses, CH BB, sporadically, DAF and the Consumed /Concept period of Richie Hawtin." is how Hanno Leichtmann describes his new project Gesetz Der Oktaven. "The name 'Gesetz Der Oktaven' was chosen because I wanted something very German sounding, as we say 'sperrig', something technical, scientific. All the track titles are very old skool or obsolete studio/audio terms. "I wanted a completely new set-up, so I got a large Soundtracs desk from the 80s with 16 channels and, crucially 6 Aux Sends for effects." He continues, "The large number of aux sends was essential for the project. I used a drum machine, a MiniMoog sequenced by a TB 303, a vintage Drum Synth and six 6 effect combinations for the delay / reverb tracks. All very old-skool and in real time with no plugins. It took months of trial and error but the result is a very beautiful high-quality vintage studio sound."