The Copy Principle EP

Filippo Blasi Foglietti

Record label
Third Ear Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 6th 2016


A1Impression I
A2Impression II

Filippo Blasi Foglietti returns to Third Ear for his second release, The Copy Principle, following his well-received debut, the John Nixon Memorial ep. DJs, notably Ellen Allien and Peter Van Hoesen, and many others continue to play this deep and trippy record. The Copy Principle is a more urgent, more stripped back proposition than John Nixon Memorial ep, but is identifiably Filippo Blasi Foglietti, at his deep and trippy best. The Copy Principle is one of Scottish philosopher David Hume's best known ideas. Hume (born 1711, died 1776) states that our ideas come from our impressions. He wrote; "All our simple ideas in their first appearance are deriv'd from simple impressions, which are correspondent to them, and which they exactly represent".