The Age Of Scrap

Jason Hogans

Record label
Third Ear Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 16th 2017


01Do That Thing 1
02Bite Lip And Carry On
03Worm Never Dies
04High Grade For Plain Ass
05Keep Getting High
06Sunny Grey
07The Age Of Scrap

Following 2014's well received album for Third Ear under his :Brownstudy alias, 'Life Well Lived', Jason Hogans steps away from the mic to focus on an LP of flawless instrumentals. Returning to production under his own name for the first time since Carl Craig's Planet E label released his album Peter And The Rooster in 1998, 'The Age of Scrap' belies its title to instead deliver a forward thinking record rooted in classic Detroit, fused with futurist sonics and dope beats. Hogans seamlessly combines strains of house, jazz and hip hop, as well as the futurist bass pioneered by the likes of LA's Brainfeeder collective, throughout seven perfectly formed musical excursions. Tip.