Ad.lib  /  Patrick Krieger  /  S-Tek  /  Myk Derill

Record label
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Release Date
October 21st 2013


A2YamatoAd.lib  remix  Myk Derill5:09
B1AtoschPatrick Krieger6:32
B2Tiberium InfectionS-Tek6:08

The first release of 3RD starts with ad.lib and his driving and stripped down track "Yamato" - a reduced arrangement of repeating patterns and evolving layers of sounds. A spot on statement of what techno means to him. Myk Derill is the first remixer to join 3RD. His excellent remix on Yamato keeps the monotonous spirit of the original while he adds some wild filter sweeps and shifts the sound aesthetic to what you expect for a real peak time dancefloor track. Patrick Krieger adds "Atosch". A raw and percussive bass track with an organic and catchy groove - nothing more to be said. S-Tek (the old school synth loving boy in this winning team) completes the EP with "Tiberium Infection". A classic and effective Berlin/Detroit rooted track. Heavy basses and a never ending evolving hook.