Human Invasion


Record label
3TH Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 1st 2014


A1ACT 83
A2ACT 86
B1ACT 100
B2ACT 63

3TH keep on releasing techno with an eclectic vision, although - for this output - each track has its different shades and rhythmic approaches. Divided into four Acts, it sounds like the journey continues after the previous appearance of Lucindo on the label with "The Twenty-Ninth Act". Act 83 and 86 are both powerful tools that are lead by acidic repetitive patterns and distortions. Act 100 contains a raw and strong beat that travels through cosmic and "epic" soundscapes. As conclusion, Act 63 is characterized by emotional melancholic melodies and brain-dance music, accompanied by succession of rousing rhythmic evolutions.