Console Games

DJ Minupren  vs.  S.Ewe

Record label
6 Feet Under
Catalog Number
6FEET 004
Release Date
December 8th 2006


A2YoshicoreDJ Minupren
B1No returnDJ Minupren
B2Kortal MombatS.Ewe

MinuPren and S.Ewe are back on track. After successful releases 6feet001 and 6feet02 they teamed up on number 004. With Mariocore, S.Ewe delivers a huge hit. Who hasnt played it in the past? Typical sounds of super mario video game, combined with an awesome stomper. Goes off the hook! MinuPrens interpretation of Yoshicore comes with good old sounds as well. Console Games EP will send you back to your childhood days. Lets play this game!