Spanking asses pt. 2

DJ Minupren

Record label
6 Feet Under
Catalog Number
6FEET 006
Release Date
October 8th 2007


A2Booty Bounce 2K6
B1Doxepinremix  S. Ewe

Here we bounce again! After 6feetUnders fierce blast-off in 2006 he is back again: Butt-banger DJ MinuPren. His first burner Spanking Asses caused a stir through the whole hardtechno scene and now his sequel is about to roll-out on your turntables. Stomp it, shake it and spank it! On the record you find with Doxepin a real hymn which will prick ones ears for the next track: Booty Bounce 2k6. Nasty Vocals paired with bangin Chicago beats will let you rock your pants off. On the flip, Sascha Ewe, Master of Abschuss is calling for the Grand Finale of this record. Straight beats and merciless mellows, which will definitely rock each and every dancefloor. Its time to spank some ass again!