Live 6, English

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September 1st 2006


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Live is a creative musical sketchpad, a comprehensive DAW production platform -and an expressive performance instrument on stage. Award-winning music creation, production and performance platform Ableton Live 6 has opened itself to new creative communities—offering Quicktime video support, a professional multisample library, and customizable racks of instruments and effects. Ableton Live 6 also satisfies frequent user requests by delivering multicore support, enhanced project management tools, and improved MIDI control. With Quicktime video support, Ableton Live 6 enters the world of post-production. The Essential Instrument Collection provides Ableton Live 6 users with a comprehensive library of multisampled instruments. The included instruments cover the entire musical spectrum, from orchestral strings and brasses, to classic guitars and electric keyboards, to instruments like the harp and the glockenspiel. Instrument and Effect Racks offer a new level of depth to Ableton Live 6 without sacrificing accessibility. Use Racks to create, save and control customized groupings of multiple instruments, effects and plug-ins. Then distribute your creations online. Use the Rack's included knobs to adjust any number of parameters with a single knob or fader. Ableton Live 6 comes with many preconfigured racks with both instruments and common processing tools like guitar and bass distortion, drum processing, and mastering. Multicore and Multiprocessor support allow the computational workload from instruments and effects to be distributed to other processors or cores, speeding up system performance. Deep Freeze expands editing functionality with frozen tracks (temporary rendered files created to free system resources). Cut, copy, paste, duplicate and consolidate clips without having to re-freeze. Automate mixer and clip envelopes, record frozen Session View clips into the Arrangement, and drag frozen MIDI clips into audio tracks, all without missing a beat. Ableton Live 6 new features include: • Multicore and Multiprocessor Support • Movie Import: Improvise, compose and warp sound to picture. • Essential Instrument Collection: Live's new sound library—completely inspiring. • Instrument and Effect Racks: Multiply the creative power of your instruments and effects. • New and Improved Devices: Shape your sound with precision, warmth and dirt. • Deep Freeze: Maximize your CPU resources—stay creative. • Ableton Live 6's project-management tools keep you in control.