The Clash EP - Limited Quantities

DJ Renegade

Record label
8205 Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 23rd 2016


A1The ClashDJ Renegade feat. MC Gunsmoke
A2What's Happening?DJ Renegade
B1Hoah RmxDJ Renegade
B2Bang 9 AutomaticDJ Renegade

The Clash EP features four tracks of relentless Amiga jungle badness, produced by Ren between 1993 and 1995. Fans of classic Bizzy B / Brain Records material take note: these tunes are RUFF! All four tracks feature massively chopped amens, heavy subs, sinister atmospherics and and that classic Amiga grit that helped define so many tunes of that era. Only one of the four tracks on this EP was ever available before in any format, via an extremely rare and pricey Japanese CD compilation. The other three have never been released at all, and were only heard on dubplate in sets by a select few djs like Equinox (who helped remaster this release), Nut E-1, and of course DJ Ren himself. Wanna war? Alright THE CLASH STARTS FROM NOW!