Record label
Absys Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 24th 2014


01Nameless Things With No Memory
02Addicted To Disaster
03Time Travel In His Sleep
05Refracted Man
07Sneaking Sculptures
08Garlic Bubblegum
09Moon Whispers
10Primordial Soup

Maybe this is a mirage, an illusion? Maybe we are on another planet, or maybe we are in the spaceship going to another planet? Maybe we are all insane? Possibilities, an infinite number of possibilities. 'We are in the darkness; nameless things with no memory-no knowledge of what went before, no understanding of what is now, no knowledge of what will be.' - this can easily describe what Absys Limited sublabel is offering us soon with Kontext studio album, 'Dispersal'. Kontext is an alias of Stanislav Sevostyanikhin from St. Petersburg, Russia - well acclaimed DJ and producer also known in drum&bass world as Dissident, who was responsible for the one side of our own first 12" vinyl with his track 'Scarecrow' and for numerous releases for such labels as Hospital Records, Subtle Audio, Counter Intelligence, Alphacut and many more. 'Dispersal', first LP since 2009's 'Dissociate' is Kontext at his finest. Ten track album that cannot be classified in genres, full of drifting through space orbits and dimensions, through newest technologies and our own human nature, through some glitched sonic fields and abyss of consciousness. Production level is high as always on Absys, tracks are kept in various tempos, with many layers and glitches to keep you moving places and enriched with quotes from film classics as 'Twighlight Zone' or 'Pi'. Coming out with unique artwork by Krik, 'Dispersal' will be available on CD Digi Pack and 10" vinyl sampler.