Farba Wszystkich Zdarzen

Hatti Vatti & Lady Katee

Record label
Absys Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 19th 2016


A1Farba Wszystkich Zdarzen4:06
A2Start Over3:45
B1Impossible Dreams4:43
B2Swing Me2:30

It's time for another limited release from Absys Records. This time we're offering a brilliant EP by Hatti Vatti & Lady Katee - a duo recognized well on both Polish and global electronic music scene. You can be sure about the quality of the release - after, all Hatti Vatti is a producer recording with e.g. Synkro, and his tracks have been remixed by Andy Stott and ASC, for instance; Lady Katee, in turn, is known for her vocal endeavours as part of her post-rock band called Little White Lies. 'Farba Wszystkich Zdarzen' labelled as ABSLTD006 is a pink-coloured 10inch vinyl EP containing 4 tracks, constituting a smooth combination of fresh electronica, characterized by a mixture of depth, subtlety and gentle sound of contemporary electronic music and a delicate layer of vocals. As a whole, the EP seems to be hitting the rather more positive, upbeat notes, but still far from simplicity or tackiness, which is an undeniable asset, especially in terms of escaping the ever-expanding mainstream. Interestingly enough, the title track - 'Farba Wszystkich Zdarzen' (check out the official video! (youtu.be/2vCu5wKYXeI) - is the only track recorded by the duo, where you can hear Lady Katee sing in Polish. A small tribute to the duo's motherland, if you may.