Audio Family 8

Saimon & Mezmeric

Record label
Audio Family
Catalog Number
AF 008
Release Date
June 21st 2010


A1Rolling Thunderremix Spiros Kaloumenos
B1Rolling Thunder
B2Rolling Thunderremix Dejan Milicevic

The Spiros Kaloumenos remix on the A-side of this 8th Audio Family is a great rework of the Saimon & Mezmeric track. Funky vibez with a superb drive full of percusion and energy. A wicked view on how techno should be. Just Slamming! A favourite for the dj's. The flip brings back the Rolling Thunder original by the guys and still full of the original energy. This timeless piece of techno will always work in any set. Dejan Milisevic with the cherry on top, great futuristic remix from this man! Buy on sight!