Various Artists

Record label
Aftertaste Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 9th 2009


A1Maybe We AreCasual Violence
A2Serious ImpactMarco Rane & Paul Boex
B2M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction)Mattias Engvall

Two releases in, and Dutch techno label Aftertaste Recordings show no sign of relenting. Continuing the strategy of compiling dark and pounding techno tracks from some of their favourite artsists means that each release is focussed, yet there is enough character to the individual tracks for it not to get too samey. Manchester artist Casual Violence kicks things off in fine fashion with Maybe we are, a dark and dense Spanish-style broken beat workout, full of brooding metallic textures. Marco Rane & Paul Boex (previously known as Dynamo) are next up with Serious Impact, which (to coin an over-used phrase) does exactly what it says on the tin. A relentless punching kick drum pattern combines with a simple acidic riff and murky atmospherics to make a straightforward club smasher. Flip over and Charlton (one half of previous Aftertaste contributors Diabla Diezco, alongside Bas Mooy) is next up with Stuff. He keeps the atmospherics more subliminal, utilising instead a classic arpeggiated riff and a (mostly) four-to-the-floor kick to drive the track along. Last up we have Mattias Engvall with M.A.D., probably the most inventive track of the ep, which uses edits and drones to create an unusual holding pattern effect. Overall another solid & useful compilation EP from Aftertaste...