313 EP

Tom Bass

Record label
Attic Music
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 9th 2012


B1Suoni Profondi

Played and Supported by Samuel L Session,Angel Molina,Froward Strategy Group,Norman Nodge,Max M, Mattias Fridell,Ness,Dave Ellesmere,Paul Boex,Bryan Zentz,Xpansul,BCR Boys,88uw and more. Tom Bass is an alias, which is hidden behind an artist already established on the international scene. Attic Music is a label (vinyl only) who now has his own style well defined, it can afford to make records also different and special as it was the last vinyl. High Quality! Here we return in the classic style of Attic Music. This new artist shows two tracks, one on each side. '313' is a classic hypnotic techno. A continuous and relentless rhythm. Never heavy and aggressive. How to travel in a train, overcome numerous galleries, sounds that rise and fall.Human voices that come and go. Don't worry you just closed your eyes! 'Suoni Profondi' has a syncopated rhythm. The sound is deep. From mid-track sample voice makes everything more harmonious and full of groove. Psychedelic and dreamy atmosphere. Absolutely it's for fans of deep techno sound, on vinyl!