GG - 180 grams vinyl

Alessio Mereu

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 5th 2016



In this EP, Amam and Alessio Mereu proudly presents a 4-course dinner served on a heavy piece of wax. His unexpected return with 'GG' EP comes with a little set of surprises, showing his long hours in the studio. The A-side of the wax starts with 'GG_1ne' a minimalist, deep and rousing tune with an atmosphere like no other. Its chilled bassline is absolutely magnificent and it certainly doesn't lack any background clatters that have an enormous impact on the overall ambiance of the tune. What a delicious appetizer! Then comes the first course, 'GG_2wo'. This one goes slightly deeper into the spectrum of minimal house, as its bouncy layers are yet another reason for human bodies and minds to be moved. An absolute killer dish! The B-side introduces the second course 'GG_3ree', which every DJ should have! This bomb is a perfect crowd teaser as it keeps travelling from a lounge-like sound to a club vibe. Not a bad choice to make people switch from relaxing to dancing! And of course, Alessio kept an unexpected one for dessert. Minimalistic 'GG_4our's shamanic and bubbly sounds are heard throughout its layers. Long sensible echoes in its harmonious synths are extremely detailed and go far in the depths of sound, making this one a perfect end to an awesome collection of tracks. In this EP, the constructions are sharp, well rounded and extremely detailed, giving a unique touch to every track and making it a complete meal. 'GG' EP by Alessio Mereu will be out on a 180-gram vinyl format only in early 2016. Enjoy!