A Boy Named Crow - Vinyl Only - 180 grams

Mr. Statik remix XDB

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 24th 2016


A1ClandestineMr. Statik6:59
A2ClandestineMr. Statik remix XDB6:30
B1MagusMr. Statik6:19
B2ConcentrateMr. Statik6:18

Mr. Statik returns to Amam with A Boy Named Crow, a deeply personal release that draws its inspirations from Murakami's beloved 'Kafka on the shore' novel. With it the Greek producer further explores his favorite topics of sub consciousness & subliminal sensitivities in the form of 3 tracks that, although still aim at the dance floor, bear a strong sense of unconventionality via surreal sampling exercises, a healthy dose of surrealism and of course humor. Complimenting the release XDB appears in precise remix duties, applying his particular skill set to transform Clandestine into a late a.m. euphoric roller. Mr. Statik's 'A Boy Named Crow' EP will be out on Amam records on a vinyl only format in June 2016.