Multi-Vintages 2-5

Stanny Franssen

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 10th 2014


A1Multi-Vintages #27:29
A2Multi-Vintages #37:06
B1Multi-Vintages #46:36
B2Multi-Vintages #56:19

Following on from his contribution to the various artists Multi-Dimensional World EP (ASG/DE002) Stanny Franssen returns to the De:tuned stable for a solo release with 4 tracks of floor friendly yet versatile techno. Stanny has been one of the key players in the Belgian techno scene. Starting out as a DJ in the infamous Montini club, he soon ventured into production; first as part of Propionic and later on solo. Stanny used the moniker 'G-Force' or simply 'GF' for most of his earlier productions. Under this name he released two albums which were very well received at the time: Electronic Lesson Part 1 and 2. The tracks on offer here are very much in the same vein as the Electronic Lesson albums. Multi-Vintages 2 and 3 have that distinct psychedelic and otherworldly groove that is typical of Stanny's tracks from the 90s. Multi-Vintages 4 reminds us of Umek's old output and features a pounding kick accompanied by a twisted synth stab. Stanny goes wild on the effects in the breakdowns making this a track for the peak-time hours. On the last track Stanny goes into 303 mode. Multi-Vintages 5 is a bubbling, funky acid cut that has all the qualities of a well-produced Hardfloor track. This release will be available on sturdy 180 gr black vinyl and is limited to 250 copies, stay tuned!