Acid Wreckage

Thomas P. Heckmann

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 12th 2014


A1Acid Wreckage7:52
B1Jacktrax 28:23
B2Toddlers Twist6:28
C1Speed Of Time7:47
C2Underwater Pleasures6:50
D1Gumball Alley8:31
D2Program Zero7:03

The 5th release on De:tuned comes from prolific German producer Thomas P. Heckmann and features 8 previously unreleased tracks from Thomas' vaults recorded between 1991 and 2001. Inspired by bands as The KLF and 808 State, Thomas began tinkering with techno in the late 80s and released his first record as 'Exit 100' on Force Inc. in 1991. Thomas is perhaps better known under one of his many aliases such as 'Drax', 'Age' and 'Silent Breed'. Under the name 'Drax', Thomas released the monster hit 'Amphetamine' in 1994, a track that crossed genres and is one of the defining tracks from that era. Together with Thomas, De:tuned handpicked 8 unreleased tracks that showcase Thomas' unique production style. Tracks such as 'Jacktrax 2' and 'Toddlers Twist' are a testament of Thomas' early US acid house influences, while 'AGEtation', 'Program Zero' and the title track 'Acid Wreckage' represent the trademark Heckmann sound: fast-paced, frantic, drifting between techno and trance with the 303 as key element. All tracks were lovingly mastered and cut by Thomas himself. This release is presented on heavy weight red vinyl, stay tuned!