Agraphobia Relapse

LA Synthesis

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 6th 2015


A1Agraphobia - Original RemasteredLA Synthesis9:05
B1AgraphobiaLA Synthesis remix Plaid5:36
B2AgraphobiaLA Synthesis remix Ian O'Brien8:42
C1AgraphobiaLA Synthesis remix Terrace8:14
C2Agraphobia - ADJ ReworkLA Synthesis6:38
D1Agraphobia - Carl Finlow's Transmogrify RemixLA Synthesis9:02

Agraphobia by LA Synthesis is considered by many as one of the most beautifully crafted string-driven techno tracks of all time. Originally released in 1994 it has received somewhat of a legendary cult status. 21 years later it is now time to breathe new life into this essential track and make it available again for a new generation of electronic music enthusiasts. Together with De:tuned, LA Synthesis handpicked some of their favourite producers to rework the original and the results are mind-boggling to say the least. First up is Plaid who step in and deliver a skittering remix that soaks up the original melodies and continually morphs as it progresses. Ian O'brien turns out a stunning Detroit flavoured remix with rich, warm synth sounds and sublime melodies that really enhance the ethereal feeling of the original version. Terrace breaks down the track into a stomping 4/4 Detroit techno affair with extra synth layers and bleeps to create a more urgent feel. ADJ adds a subtle ambient intro before releasing the original framework with a solid underlying electro beat, only to switch it up again halfway. Carl Finlow transmogrifies the original into a moody darkroom electro piece with menacing textures. Think robots, lasers and acid bleeps. Serious electro for the dance floor. Last but not least the original version of Agraphobia remastered by Matt Colton is also included in this package, and it's sounding better than ever. Agraphobia Relapse will be available as a 2x12inch 180 gr vinyl release as well as a digital release. The vinyl version comes with beautiful sleeve and label artwork by Abdul Haqq (Third Earth) making this a most-wanted collector's item.