Alphawaves EP

Alpha303 / Jeroen Search

Record label
Orbis records
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 25th 2011


A1Pump ItAlpha3036:24
B1Hypnose / You Are mixAlpha303 remix Jeroen Search7:03

Ever heard of the Belgian Plastikman? Alpha303 is the one! His love for acid, electro, ambient music and passion for hardware results in stunning dark tracks called Pump It, Daydreamer and Hypnose that gives people like Josh Wink even goosebumps! Accompanied by a brilliant stripped Jeroen Search remix, this first vinyl release from Orbis Records will be the start of a must-have record collection of this Belgian underground label. Supported & played by: Jamie Behan, Exium, Grovskopa, Ed Davenport, Markus Suckut, Joton, Eric Cloutier, Coefficient, Ben Woollard, Fran Hartnett, Kr!z, Franco Cangelli, Tomaz, ...