Grey Lines EP


Record label
Orbis records
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 7th 2011


A1Grey Lines5:01
B1No Limiter4:52
B2No Limiter / Mr. Mau's Filth Remix4:07

Another member makes it to the family: Deejay Ozka David Nizet has been around in the Belgian underground techno scene for ages, we mean early nineties. He was part of the 6th Sense collective during the mid 90s with releases on Dave Angels Rotation and the legendary Belgian label Re-load Records. Despite a Detroitish nostalgic touch in his productions, small modern minimalist influences gently creep in to all his tracks to turn them into brilliant pieces of never outdated, or should we say evergreen, techno. With past releases on Aesthetik, Mowar, Labrynth and played by Marcel Fengler, Markus Suckut, Matt O'Brien, Jamie Behan, .. (the list is too long actually), he's definitely up there with the big ones. 'Grey Lines' is a brilliant dark nerve-racking track with groove that will definitely set the dancefloor on fire. Beware, this killer will change dancing people at 6 am into a bunch of zombies. 'No Limiter' translates Davids feeling for music. There are no limits. This tracks grabs you from the beginning till the end with its minimalistic changes in the arrangement and an extraordinary synth you've never heard before. Mr. Mau's remix of 'No Limiter' shifts the track up another gear and aims straight for the dancefloor. its aggressive but sophisticated and original arrangement makes you scream 'dance while you still can'