Black Lion EP

Mr. Mau

Record label
Orbis records
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 1st 2013


A2Blackremix Michaelangelo4:19

Character has many forms. Musical interests too. Mr. Mau shows his deeper side in this very diverse EP, translated in three brilliant tracks. Inspired by many other artists, he managed combine the hardware and software into a must have EP for people who want to experience the essence of the style of life that's called techno: a broad way of interpretation and translating feelings into music. For this special EP, Mau invited one of the most underestimated, yet well-known and very respected artists of Portugal: michaelangelo, the man behind Labrynth Records. What many describe as a Aphex Twin like touch to it, "Black" is a piece of patience, feelings and excitement captured in an instrumental track that is strongly recommended to be played in a laid-back modus, but also can be used as a DJ tool in darker sets. michaelangelo takes "Black" to a whole other level. Well-known for his very atmospheric dark drones inspired techno, m surprises again with his creative approach with swirling glitches and an in your face off-beat kick. A must have in your collection! Are you more into the minimal side of techno? With a twisted side to it? Than "Lion" is the track for you! The subtile power of the TR-909 machine combined with atmospheric dark touched stabs and leads. "Walking" is definitely one of the more deeper tracks of this album. With it's lounge like jazzy feel to it, Mau manages to capture the beauty of electronic music that doesn't leave anyone untouched.