The Ghost In The Machine

Olie Bassweight

Record label
Bassweight Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 21st 2012


A1HeavyweightOlie Bassweight & Triage feat. MC Kryptik4:59
B1CondemnedOlie Bassweight / Perverse & TZR6:11
B2SpookTruth remix Olie Bassweight5:30

With a nod to the roots of Dubstep and the evolving sounds it now embraces Olie keeps the vibe true to the genre and culture. These 3 cuts epitomize the feel of the LP: Heavyweight is the name and the tune follows suit. With a heavy intro and massive bass/synths and a beat to get you skanking the song runs true to the deeper sounds of Dubstep. With (now Melbourne based NZ born and bred) MC Kryptik on the vocal duties and Portland, Oregon trio Triage contributing this is truly for the heads worldwide. In 'Condemned' (feat Perverse & TZR) we hear huge drums in the intro that lead to no illusions as to where the tune is heading.Vocal sample drops then boom!! Growly synths and the bass take over. Exciting tune from Olie and featuring the emerging talent of Perverse and TZR out of Arizona with an international flavour and the distinctive NZ Dubstep vibe. As it's name suggests Olie's treatment of Truth's 'Spook' remix has a ghostlike/ethereal feel to it. Orchestral sounding atmosphere (almost Movie Soundtrack like) layered with percussion from the start building into a deep tune laden with sub bass & dubbed out sounds.. NZ dubstep at it's finest and one to listen to in the dark whether at home or in the club.