Beatboost Worldsampler part 4

The Jack Foundation / Lorino / Riino / Concrete Dj'z

Record label
Catalog Number
BBWS 004
Release Date
June 22nd 2009


A1Straight JackitThe Jack Foundation
B1Format PeopleRiino
B2Quantum GrooveConcrete Dj'z

Well, it's been a lil' while since you last heard from us as we've spent most of our time setting up our download platform. That doesn't mean that we have forgotten about the music though. Matter of fact, we've got some nice gems lined up for you! Allow us to introduce them to you properly. The Jack Foundation - Straight Jackit Yup, you know what that means: Jack you booty baby! The North American duo consisting of DJ Kamikaze & Mr Eyez dropped some amazing performances on many European Festivals last summer and changes are big you've heard this funky rumpshaker. This one's already getting full on support from Ben Sims. Lorino - Mars His identity remains just as mysterious and obscure as his music. Our Croatian John Doe delivers a track that slowly builds up 'till the breakdown and than has you begging to drop. Deep and intense track with support from Lars Klein. Riino - Format People The Head honcho of Sound Attack Records came up with a track that has his recognizable signature written all over it: and ever developping theme over powerfull technoid beats with a dark and aerial atmosphere. Concrete DJz - Quantum Groove The Serbian super DJ team must be one of the busiest production teams out there. That doens't mean that it can be heard in their productions though! In line with their strong releases on labels like Submissions and their own imprint, they've came up with a banger to finish this one off. Check out the breakdown as it has some nice tricks up its sleeve. Ooow, and be sure to enter our sleeve competition! More info at