Motherfucker / Schizm

Gein & Cooh

Record label
Bad Chemistry
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 4th 2011


B1SchizmGein & Cooh6:02

'Man will begin to recover the moment he takes art as serious as physics, chemistry, or money' With a mindset of D.I.Y. and a vision of the future, drum and bass producers GEIN have unleashed their record label BAD CHEMISTRY RECORDINGS on the world's ears. And with five years of production credit, as well as 5 years of record label management with HABIT RECORDINGS, the trio is set to stir up the drum and bass scene with a conceptual label that defies people's set standards. With Bad Chemistry, GEIN is turning heads all across the board with collaborations you would come to expect, never expect, as well as new solo material that breaks stereotypes. And with support from major players in the drum and bass world, the hype is growing daily. With the 4th release, GEIN brought us 'Motherfucker' produced by GEIN, backed with 'Schizm' a collab with COOH!