Tanz Der Familie

Eric Sneo

Record label
Catalog Number
BD 526
Release Date
May 11th 2009


A1Tanz Der Familie (remix 2009)Eric Sneo7:31
B1Paint It BlackTube-Tech remix Eric Sneo6:55

Beatdisaster records continues it's successful way of presenting technoid clubhammers, with a release of the two most familiar artists of the label, which have made awesome tunes right from the start: Eric Sneo (Ciao bella) and Tube-Tech (the End). Eric Sneo's 'Tanz der Familie' original version was already a big clubhit in 2003, based on the successful party series at the legandary german techno club 'palazzo'. For the restart of this series, Eric made a fantastic remix featuring accordion sequenzes on a groovy beat, which he filled up with live played solos at the 'Tanz der Familie' party in 2009 with amazing response from the crowd. The first techno band 'Tube-Tech' presents their interpretation of the cult hit 'painted black'. With original sung vocals of their front man 'alex denton' and also live played guitar, this version (remixed by eric sneo) has an enormous power and forward energy, flavoured with some great percussions and also has already successfully presented on numerous live gigs of the band. Two amazing tracks, that will definately bring the Beatdisaster sound back to the clubs !!!