Cosmic Dance

Eric Sneo

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 17th 2011


A1Cosmic Dance 7:23
B1Cosmic Dance / Gaetano & Schorr Remixremix Gaetano & Schorr7:27

Beatdisaster records goes on with a brand new release of Eric Sneo called 'Cosmic Dance'. This track has already attracted attention due to the heavy rotation on sunshine live radio and has been road tested with amazing response. The melodic techno track features different melodies that melt together with a heavy bassline and create a special athmosphere of tension and happiness. You can see the video to this track at: Gaetano & Schorr add a remix that plays with the melodic elements and combines it with a deep and groovy beat. Don't miss this outstanding release on Beatdisaster records ! - Powered by Radio Sunshine Live (DE) - Mysteryland 2011 Promo Video Song (NL)