Here We Come

Various Artists

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 26th 2009


A1Shake DatBryant Baker & Miche
A2Da Ghetto partyRantan
B1Sexiest RastaJosh Love
B2The Badman is hereVortechtral

A 12inch EP called HERE WE COME is filled with funky, groove and latin techno ryhmes from well known and respected artists in today's techno scene. A side contains 'American Express' techno machine BRYANT BAKER cooperating with Croatian DJ and Producer MICHE. Their track just deserves to be on the pole position spot A1. Funky, groove and unique are just 3 words describing their work as a team. A2 spot represented by upcoming spanish 'star' RANTAN.. Da ghetto party is one track among the others which is really special and exclusively done for 'Beat forming' this LP. Nice and smooth, groove and driving techno. B side has been reserved for a latino dancefloor kicker done by JOSH LOVE. The track is called Sexiest Rasta. Jamaican rasta voice, nice groove beat and overrated control over everything. Josh Did a good work by making this happen. Great track to jump on!! The last but not the least is a track done by Kai aka VORTECHTRAL on B2. Nice, smooth, groove and melodic techno track to dance on. Great one for filling the 3rd deck with 'The badman' voice thru the track. Beatformers are sure that this is an EP to keep an eye on. Here we come EP is one of the newest on the market. A new ERA of techno on the 12inch!