Born 2 Bang EP

Odessa Soundfreaks / Fer BR / Peppelino / Wyrus & Matija Marinic

Record label
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Release Date
April 6th 2010


A1Born 2 Bang
A2Born 2 Bangremix Fer BR
B1Born 2 Bangremix Peppelino
B2Born 2 Bangremix Wyrus & Matija Marinic

Beatform records are proud to present the 2nd one in their series! An Odessa Soundfreaks EP called BORN 2 BANG. Its not really a single EP. This release contains various artists gathered at one place! Every single artist performing, is offering more and more quality and special groove to dance on. Each track / remix is written by itself! Expressed by their own vision how to bang this place up. Written and produced with taste and hunger for something good! A side has been done by Odessa Soundfreaks and Fer Br. East side and west Europe side are giving us something unforgetable and something we just can't turn down. Its a banging side! A1 is more technoid and more hardgroove piece of work. An original is a crowd pleaser. A2 or should we say 'Lets funk a bit more like we are used to'. Fer Br's masterpiece! Spanish outwork and hot bassline is just a formula for dancing. Awesome work on the groove! Wicked combination! B side! B side is a neighbour side. Hungarian Peter Forasi aka Peppelino did an outstanding drive such as let-your-self-go-and-get-wild' track. Simply amazing job to admire! He just knows how to start an engine and how to loose a key for no shutting down the drive. You need to feel this dancefloor roadie! B2 side stands for Wyrus. A Croatian or should we say a blissfull maniac doin crazzy things. Tribal stuff, not really close to an original by sounds! But perfection is his challenge and a goal to achieve. Simply unique. This one have everything what every techno track wants: A groove, drive, story, smoothness and tribal touch! He did it! BEATFORM RECORDS are very proud to present this awesome relese for a quality listener! If you miss it, you could be sorry at the end! You want it??? Take it!!!