Grim Noire / Digital I.D.

DJ Hidden / Throttler

Record label
Bug Klinik Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 12th 2009


A1Grim NoireDJ Hidden
B1Digital I.D.Throttler

Bug Klinik Records is coming in hard with these 2 discus ting tracks. 1 vinyl.. 2 producers.. Tearing it out head to head.. First up is DJ Hidden repping for the Goes Noord posse with a devastating track called Grim Noire. And every fan of Hidden knows he doesnt takes his productions lightly. Get ready for some in your face Gabba kicks and wrist slashing snares arranged in way only Hidden knows to create. If there was a color darker then pitch black.. this whould be it... Throttler takes it up a notch with his tune Digital I.D. on the flip. Rattling snares & mind blowing kicks stant upfront in this evil production and will keep standing upfront till you are lying on the floor bleeding for more.