Deadly City EP

Mirco Violi / Tom Ruijg / Sercan

Record label
BlackRose Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 3rd 2010


A1Deadly City Mirco Violi6:53
A2Major BoobageMirco Violi6:13
B1Deadly City Mirco Violi remix Tom Ruijg6:29
B2Major BoobageMirco Violi remix Sercan7:57

After a release on Climatic Sound, All In and Catwash, Mirco Violi is back with his next new release full of groove. This time with two great remixes from his big friend Tom ruijg (soweso) and a big cooperation with sercan. Mirco delivers a big house release. A killer dancefloor ep. For Mirco promises a future full of success