Beloved in the 70's

Oliver Moldan

Record label
BlackRose Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 11th 2010


A1Beloved in the 70's
A2Beloved in the 70'sremix Leland McWilliams
B1Beloved in the 70'sremix Summed & Dot

Solid as it should be, a chuggy serious drive is shown, combined with well constructed raw hats loops. A very smooth disco influence is noticed on the vocal cuts and a funky 'lead padding' in the background. The hotcomer Leland McWilliams is showing his interpretation of the track in a funky and tribal way. Percussions and a shakers, combined with a funky baseline and a short house lead. Summed & Dot done something special on this one! A really extended remix with 11 minutes, yes for sure is perfect to mix but what surprises is that you listen to the single track and don't get bored! That's what making a good loop and arranging it is about, right? Here you can feel strong snare and hats, a stronger disco feeling in the background synthline and the in strong bassline. Yeah right, 5:10 and you still want more of this. On the 'second part' the remixer start playing with the strong snares in a amazing way, background synths keeps coming to the front and going back to the background, a second teaser breaker and it comes back cleaner with hats and snares eating you again! Even just to listen, or to mix, this is defo something special! We wrote you before that Blackrose is a name to be watched, they are really honoring it. also supported by :AFFKT, Dj W!LD, 2000 and one,Someone Else,Jesse Voorn,Roger Sanchez,Claudio Coccoluto,Hermanez,mirco Violi,Markus Homm,Robert Owens,Horatio,Jay Bliss,Danny Rose