Shake Your Ass EP

Sami Wentz / Manu-L / Timid Boy

Record label
BlackRose Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 21st 2011


A1Shake your ass Sami Wentz7:47
A2Why they call you bitchSami Wentz6:58
B1It's time to go Manu-L remixSami Wentz remix Manu-L6:37
B2Why they call you bitch Timid Boy I'm a bitch too' remixSami Wentz remix Timid Boy8:10

Blackrose records is back with it's fourth release.Also supported by Luciano,Butch,Hemanez,Marco Faraone,Mihai Popoviciu,Mirco Violi,Daniel Sanchez,Dave Spoon,Khaan,Horatio,Brother's vibe,.... Sami Wentz surprises us with this huge release,on the italian label Blackrose records,that is def' o showing some good work and growing fast.