Destination Unknown

True Soul

Record label
BlackRose Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 19th 2011


A1Destination House 7:54
B1Destination House (Tom Ruijg's dub version) 7:12

True Soul brings together two London based producers in UES and Alex Magno. Having released and remixed as individuals, the "Destination House" ep brings the two friends together with a double-header of choice house cuts. You can feel the warmth flooding from "Barbados." Elegantly deep, its simple bassline throbs like a musical heartbeat as the rasping hi-hat pierce the ever-present blanket of the single note synth. "Destination House" comes outta the oldschool. Warm bass, crisp percussion and smooth key stabs are matched with a persuasive vocal sample and some downtown traffic to create a fresh cut that tips its hat to the past. Stepping up on the remix is young Dutch talent Tom Ruijg, who sets about polishing his own version of "Destination House" in some style. Adding a little more muscle and holding the keys till the final third, Tom rounds out the ep in style.