Bionic Romance EP [generic sleeve repress]


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 6th 2019


A1Miyuki & Patrizia5:55
A2Ultra Speed Dating6:36
B1Silicon Desire7:19
B2Virtual Ritual6:25

Bionic Romance EP is Anetha's second release on Blocaus series following 2017's very successful "Leftover Love EP". Once again, Anetha continues to play to her strengths and delivers four tracks - diverse and rich in the depth, texture and hypnotism of techno deep space explorations. On the A-Side, "Myiuki & Patrizia" starts the release as an intricate, atmospheric title track with warm synth lines; "Ultra Speed Dating" features a muscular four-to-the-floor beat and a perpetual stomp to devastating effect perfect for peak-time. On the B-Side, "Silicon Desire" takes us in a slightly melancholic direction with its hypnotic pulses. "Virtual Ritual" closes the EP as no nonsense purified techno with a raw groove. Absolutely essential!